About Jonathan Lyons

Jonathan Lyons writes on a number of topics on social media, including Kleine Levin Syndrome, parenting, and special needs children. His answers on Quora.com gained over 2.8 million content views, so far. He also curates the Hypersomnia space on Quora, dedicated to KLS, narcolepsy and hypersomnia related content.

Jonathan received his degree in English, with an emphasis in creative writing from Florida State University. He co-founded Gravity Specific Juggling Supplies in 1986 and served as the director of the Tallahassee Juggling Club from 1984 to 1990. From 1991 to 2018 he owned and operated Lyons Digital Media, LLC a graphic design studio and web hosting business. He closed the business, ostensibly to care for his son who has been diagnosed with hypersomnia/possible Kleine Levin Syndrome.

In addition to artistic pursuits, like woodworking and photography, Jonathan has also completed several triathlons and earned a national ranking in 2017.