Avner asleep

Please don’t yawn right now, is the second poem of a series of poems that I wrote in 2017 following my son’s diagnosis with Kleine Levin Syndrome. Imagine, that something as simple as a yawn could strike terror in your heart. Each yawn telegraphed to me that we would lose Avner to sleep again and we never knew if he would be back as himself or The Monster that occupied his body during episodes. I am publishing these for public consumption here on the main website. The entire series is available on our Patreon page. If you find this project worthwhile, please consider becoming a patron.

Please don’t yawn right now.
Stay awake. Share anything.
Spend more time with me.

Don’t disappear yet.
We need more time together
Before he returns,

The one who breaks things.
The terrible monster who
Lives here when you go.

There is so much to
Do and I know time limits
Won’t allow my dreams.

So, stay awake now.
Let’s do anything, right now.
I can’t lose you yet.


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