Avner sleeping on the sofa early May 2017

Between April 25, 2017 and December of that year, we finally had confirmation of Avner’s diagnosis but very little insight and no effective treatment. I wrote a series of haiku style poems which captured my mood at that time. Here is the first.

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Sleeping in today,
Another sixteen hours pass.
Everything changes.

Who will walk downstairs?
How will the news settle with
Him, after months of doctors?

Everything conspires
To steal away volition
From our sleeping son.

We covered outlets
For him as a small toddler.
I can’t cover life.

Over Mexican
Food, he and I play Rummy.
We speak easily.

Uncertainties plague
My thoughts. How will he thrive with
This new obstacle?

The worries keep me
Up at night. I should settle
Down and sleep on it.


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