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In the last couple weeks we have received notices from our county school system regarding the coming school year. We sincerely believed, since Avner completed his GED in a county school program, that they would be well aware that he was finally done with school. I guess not. Hopefully, this carefully crafted correspondence will help to set the record straight and bring such notices to an end.

Mr. Norris,

It is with some bemusement and frustration that we received notice from Leon High School in our mail. Your mail follows a similar letter from the home school compliance office. Please note for your school’s records that my son Avner, graduated with his GED in December of 2019 and enrolled at TCC in January of this year at the age of 16. His PERT placement put him immediately into college level classes.

Our child was diagnosed with a rare central nervous system disorder in his freshman year at Lincoln High School where he was enrolled at the time so that he could take third year Chinese. 

We fought with Leon County Schools for reasonable accommodations for our child’s Kleine Levin Syndrome. For three years we endured truancy notices for a documented illness. We were threatened with losing school choice and the only teachers in the county who had ever seen his disorder at its worst. In spite of his GPA circling the bowl, and several KLS related episodes, he completed his GED in less than a year without ever attending class.

Since he enrolled in the GED program through Leon County Schools, we assumed that his successful completion of the program and subsequent college enrollment would have triggered some kind of notice to the school system that he was done. Finished. Complete. Resolved. Ended. Concluded. The chapter has been closed.

Incidentally the services for students with disabilities [at TCC] has been a breath of fresh air. They are attentive, proactive and eager to help. To my surprise they even welcomed the input from a concerned parent. If only primary education had been as willing to help.

Please contact whomever needs to be notified on our behalf that our relationship with the county schools is very much in our past. 
Thank you

Jonathan Lyons


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